Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Create Freakshells App Shortcut
  2. Connect using SSL server
  3. Configuring Cloaked hostname
    3.1. Create an I-Line
    3.2. Adding custom domain (Optional)
  4. Most Popular Servers

Create Freakshells App Shortcut

  1. Login into account and choose Settings Login on
  2. Click on the Add The Lounge To Home Screen Add to Home Screen
  3. Accept adding The Lounge to home screen Accept
  4. Enjoy using Freakshells by click shortcut on your homescreen

Connect using SSL server

  1. Configure your IRC client to connect to on port 6697
  2. Check Use secure connection (TLS) SSL Connection Details

Configuring Cloaked hostname

A cloak is a fake (non-existent) hostname that hides your real hostname/IP for privacy, convenience, security, and/or vanity.

You can either use a predefined spoof <username> or a spoof in your own domain (the latter requires you have administrative rights of the domain and can set a TXT record for it).

Before you can set up a cloak you need to create an account on this site. The account requires a working e-mail address and is manually approved, after registration you have to wait for the approval e-mail before you can log in (be sure to check your spam folder too).

Create an I-Line

  1. Click the Create I-Line button on I-Lines page Create I-Line
  2. Select the hostname for this I-line from in the “Hostname” drop-down list
  3. Fill in the IP or CIDR subnet (up to /16 for IPv4 and /48 for IPv6) you connect to IRC from in the IP address / subnet field
  4. If your host supports identd and you want to use it, fill in your username in the Ident (optional) field (not required even for identd supporting hosts. Leave this empty if you are not sure)
  5. Fill in the Password with your own choice of password in the Password field. The password is case-sensitive (this will be the 2nd half of your connection PASS)
  6. Click the Create button. Add and save

The IRC servers are updated once an hour so wait 1 hour for your change to take effect

Adding custom domain (Optional)

Create a spoof hostname on the Hostnames page.

  1. Click the Add hostname button Add Hostname
  2. Fill out the Hostname field with the (sub)domain you want to use for the cloak (this should be a name without an existing A/AAAA record) Choose or Hostname Name
  3. Click the Add button. Your newly created spoofed Hostname should now be listed as not verified Create Hostname
  4. Click the Edit button for your newly created Hostname Choose Edit
  5. Add the TXT record as given to your DNS configuration. (How you do this depends on where/how your domain is managed)
  6. You can click the verify now button to check if the configuration is active, but It may take a while for the update to take effect depending on the DNS server configuration (it can be 1 day or more for some configurations)
  7. Check the Hostnames page occasionally and it should eventually show the status as verified

Do not remove the TXT record after verification as this will disable the spoofed hostname

Configure your IRC client to connect to on port 6667 (or on port 6679 for SSL) and server password PASS:

Connection Example

The passwords are stored in plain text and (unless using SSL) transmitted in plain text. Do not use a password you use elsewhere

As well as you can also use the Tor server IRCnet3mh2zfmpn3zcgwtrjnh37zcnyvjmsvoig577isjmy6m24auqqd.onion on port 6667. The ident@IP restrictions on your I-Line do not apply on the Tor server.

You should now be able to connect with the cloak.
Read the MOTD carefully after connecting.
Working Cloak Remember the cloaks are personal. Do not share them with others, have them sign up for their own account instead.
Your account may be blocked if you break the rules.

If you have any questions or need help, please join

Important: Freakshells supports only IPv6 servers!

Name Address Port SSL (Port) IPv6 (Hostname) Website
Freenode 6667 Yes / 6697 Yes / Freenode
Undernet 6660-6669,7000 Yes / 6697 Yes / Undernet
QuakeNet 6667 No Yes / QuakeNet
Rizon 6660-6670,7000 Yes / 6697,9999 No Rizon
FreshChat 6667 Yes / 6697 Yes / FreshChat
EFnet 6661-6669 Yes / 6697,9999 Yes / EFnet
DALnet 6660-6669 Yes / 6697 Yes / DALnet

Need help?

If you have any question about Freakshells do not hesitate to get in touch with us: